Whisper Your Name

I guess I’m liking the open nature of the prompt today. Two posts

WordPress Daily Prompt – Almost

I almost said your name out loud,
Like a ghost haunting the doors to my mind
You’re always there but rarely do I find …
But today,
I almost didn’t whisper your name to the clouds,
Instead I choked on the word,
Fearful that somehow you’d hear.
And today,
I learned why I can’t yell your name in the crowd
And why I wonder if I should know your songs at all.
Our greatest fear has always been falling.
I almost hit the ground.


The Faint Voice

WordPress Daily Prompt – Faint

I’m sitting at my desk when I hear the faint little voice behind me.

“Come on mommy, let’s play today.”

I know she’s looking at the mess around me. I really should be cleaning today. When’s the last time I washed those dishes or changed my clothes anyway?

“Come on mommy, let’s play today.”

My friends don’t come around much anymore. They say they’re just busy but I know the truth. My house kind of smells from all of the food.

“Come on mommy, let’s play today.”

Really I know that they think I’ve gotten a bit more strange lately. Sometimes I waltz outside in the dead of night, leaving my door standing wide open.

“Come on mommy, let’s play today.”

Together we dance through the flowers and across the streets. We’re not always careful like I know we should be.

“Come on mommy, let’s play today.”

We dodge the bright lights and blaring horns. It’s a mighty fun game but it can make you a little sore.

“Come on mommy, let’s play today.”

I chase her through the park and down the hill, right through the cemetery gates so she can dance on her grave.

“Come on mommy, let’s play today.”

The dirt here is growing over with grass and the flowers are dead. But there stands her stone, peeking just above her head.

“Come on mommy, let’s play today.”

Her faint voice giggles as she spins in her gown. The bloodied spots have turned a dark brown.

“Come on mommy, let’s play today.”

My friends don’t really come around anymore. They say it’s because they’re busy but I know the truth. They don’t hear the faint voice like I do.

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I started working on something for the daily prompt – identity but it ended up being something I really liked and wanted to work on more, so it’s not getting posted today. Here’s a piece of something else instead.

I ran so far,
I lost sight of the horizon.
The blue of the faded sky,
Blended into the black
Of an unreachable future.
And my breath formed clouds,
Of toxic beauty against,
Golden maroon sunsets.

I ran so far,
My problems didn’t have to move,
To keep up with me.
They waited patiently,
At the finish line for me to cross.
And my sweat formed black puddles,
Of deadly reflection on the ground
Against the darkness disguised as use.

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The Noise

WordPress Daily Prompt – Cacophony

It started simply enough, there were birds screeching. I covered my ears while running for cover as if a roof or dark room would be enough to drown the grating noise of those birds circling overhead while cawing their skin crawling songs.

The birds screeching started the dogs howling. A discordant symphony of trebles and baritones, longs and shorts, rough and smooth, all beating at different levels. I cowered under my covers, as if the thin blanket would be enough to stifle the cacophony.

The dogs howling started the cats yowling. A song of horrible hisses and kisses between screeching fighter screams. I pulled at my hair and clawed at my clothes, as if viciously ripping myself apart would stop the disharmony of noises stumbling through the streets.

The cats yowling started the cicadas whirring. They bounce from wall to wall, clanging from window to bar and brick to wood, a never stopping symphony of chainsaw buzzing.  I bang my ears against the floors, as if I could knock the never ending uproar from my head and straight below where it belongs.

The cicadas whirring started the hunters firing. Bullets zinging, glass shattering, as their frustrations whirl through the sky taking aim at the boundless noise. I dig into the concrete, tearing my fingers, as if I could bury myself away from the discord.

Then the noise is gone.

And I’m on the number 9 headed to nowhere with tears streaming down my cheek and a pistol in my bag. My stomach churns at the memory, as clear as my reflection in the window, with half a face and a dozen other souls hunted by the noise just like me.

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WordPress Daily Prompt – Expect

As in, I did not expect this to work. I used a first line generator, first line was “Before the day of harmony the trees echo,”

Before the day of harmony the trees echo,
Below the mountainous bellow.
Begging to take cover,
Wild things trample over
Trembling ground;
Giving rise to roaring sound.
Hiding beneath cloudless skies,
Smoke snakes along paths of lies.
Desperate for salvation
We search for causation.
Missing truth among the darkness;
Unfeeling in our catharsis.
Before the day of harmony can return,
The world must first burn.

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