WordPress Daily Prompt – Grainy

I remember the days,
Like small grains of sand,
In the folds of skin,
I feel them before I see them.

Like fuzzy photographs
Taken in the dark,
With subjects on the move,
I know we were there but can’t quite make out where.

I can feel your memory,
Like a stray hair,
Dancing across my arm,
Just like I’m sure your fingers used to.

Like a sudden chill,
Sliding over my shoulders
And tumbling down my spine,
The way I’m sure your hands once did.

Where the Dreamers Sleep

WordPress Daily Prompt – Symphony

With help from: Random Line Generator

In the streets of harmony the dreamers sleep,
Slowly the city beats,
Giving rise to a symphony,
Forming a low cacophony.
No slow breath can quiet
Though moments of zen can be found,
In the streets of harmony where the dreamers sleep.

I wasn’t expecting that to work out. I went to a random line generator because I wanted to write but I wasn’t really feeling the daily prompt … turns out they worked together quite well. Random line “In the streets of harmony the dreamers sleep,”