I Gave My Soul to a New Religion … 16 – 21/365

Pictures to catch me up on “picture a day”. I should start calling it picture dump to catch me up. We all know I love music. I’ve been feeling down and having a hard time lately so this weekend I hopped around to a couple of cities to visit my favorite soul surgeons.

Leah Shapiro , drummer for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Robert Levon Been, bass (and all the instruments also) of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Peter Hayes, guitar (and all kinds of other instruments) of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

These guys were the opening band, The Night Beats. Lovely way to open the shows. In Houston the bassist’s mom came up and got on the rail with us. She couldn’t stop gushing about how adorable her son was on stage. That’s support man

I went to two cities, Houston and New Orleans. Other than my pictures of the show in Houston I didn’t really take many others. I just didn’t find as much that captivated me.

New Orleans … that’s going to be it’s own post because it’s one of my favorite US cities (with the exception of the band pictures, BRMC pics above are the New Orleans show).




WordPress Daily Prompt – Expect

As in, I did not expect this to work. I used a first line generator, first line was “Before the day of harmony the trees echo,”

Before the day of harmony the trees echo,
Below the mountainous bellow.
Begging to take cover,
Wild things trample over
Trembling ground;
Giving rise to roaring sound.
Hiding beneath cloudless skies,
Smoke snakes along paths of lies.
Desperate for salvation
We search for causation.
Missing truth among the darkness;
Unfeeling in our catharsis.
Before the day of harmony can return,
The world must first burn.

Please go take a look at The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch! We have some lovely and deep stories this week about writing through pain (or in my case around it). 

Where the Dreamers Sleep

WordPress Daily Prompt – Symphony

With help from: Random Line Generator

In the streets of harmony the dreamers sleep,
Slowly the city beats,
Giving rise to a symphony,
Forming a low cacophony.
No slow breath can quiet
Though moments of zen can be found,
In the streets of harmony where the dreamers sleep.

I wasn’t expecting that to work out. I went to a random line generator because I wanted to write but I wasn’t really feeling the daily prompt … turns out they worked together quite well. Random line “In the streets of harmony the dreamers sleep,”

Harmonize like Nails on a Chalkboard

WordPress Daily Prompt – Harmonize

We filed out of the small club into the cool fall air. My “date”, if he could be called that, was nowhere to be seen. Not that it was a surprise, he had disappeared five minutes into the opening act leaving me standing front and center alone.


Knowing him, and I did, he’d been hammering back shots for the remainder of the show. It didn’t take long for my phone to start vibrating in my pocket.

“Wheeeerre arrr you?”
“I think the better question is where are you?”
“Wheerrre fuck aree you?” I pressed my temple, this had been a bad idea.
“I’m out front with some of the girls I met in line, would you like to come join us?”
“I by the carr, les go.”
“I don’t want to leave yet.”
“Youu can ge ouut, les go.” One of my newfound friends shot me a side eye as the line clicked silent.

“Is he mad?”
“He’ll be fine.” I found a seat on the base of an old statue and let the cool breeze wash over me. I could close my eyes and almost see myself miles away in a happier place.

My phone began vibrating again. My happy place erupted with an impressive string of curse words put together just so eloquently. If relationships were supposed to be harmonious this one had always been missing it. Not that there was a “relationship” anymore, we’d been broken up for months. This trip was one last piece of unfinished business. I had tried to find a replacement but at the last minute she’d had a work emergency and cancelled. Text after text began scrolling across my screen.

“You sure he’ll be fine?” My new friend inquired again. I let out a sigh and leaned against the statue.
I don’t really give a fuck. “I’ll go check on him. He’s probably just drunk.”

I rounded the corner to find him in exactly the state I imagined, half bent over, clutching my passenger’s side door.

“So, hey.”
“You bitch! Fucking bitch! You fucking whore! Why don’t you just go fuck whoever!? Just go suck their dicks!” A handful of people walking by tried to act like they were ignoring the outburst as he continued the rant. I watched them glance over their shoulders before jumping into their cars and pulling away.
“Yeah, so, what the fuck?!”
“You just, you don’t get it!” I stared at the stars as he squirmed beside the passenger door. “Just unlock the car, let me sit down.”
“No, I’m not letting you in my car. You can sit in the grass.”
“You don’t understand.” I was quickly losing all the patience I had for the man child begging to sit in my car.
“What? What don’t I understand?”
“It’s just, it’s just that my ex cheated on me at a concert.” I stared at the 35 year old man in front of me. “She made out with one of the guys in a band.” If I could have rolled my eyes harder it would have triggered an earthquake.
“You know what? I do know that. I know that and I know it was seven fucking years ago. You can walk home for all I care.”

As I walked away I could hear him following me while mumbling about happy couples and how miserable he was.

“We were so good together.” I whipped around to face him.
“No. No we were not. And if we were you would not have dropped thousands of fucking dollars on prostitutes!” His eyes went wide.
“Oh! Oh! Is that what we’re going to do?! You’re just going to bring up that old shit right here in front of everyone?” His eyes fixed on mine. “I don’t want to fight, ok? I just think we need to take some time and find that harmony again you know?”
“No. Fucking harmony. Get the fuck outta here.”