The Thing Is …

WordPress Daily Prompt – Cozy

On cold nights like this,
I wonder if I miss the sun
Or the feeling of laying in your arms
By the fire, tracing stars in your smile.
People sometimes tell me to move on.
It would be lying to say I haven’t tried.
The thing is,
How do you move on
When that first kiss sent chills down your spine
And fireworks into your sky?

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Forest Pyres

WordPress Daily Prompt – Age

Inside the meaning of time the trees journey,
Standing tall, impassible walls, the forests hold steady.
Roots burrow through the soul of this world,
Holding fast, dirt pasts, the forests stand furled.
Bark peels reveal fates beyond the wood,
Kindling for fires, forest pyres, this is where they stood.
Ages before realization set fast into minds of men

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WordPress Daily Prompt – Expect

As in, I did not expect this to work. I used a first line generator, first line was “Before the day of harmony the trees echo,”

Before the day of harmony the trees echo,
Below the mountainous bellow.
Begging to take cover,
Wild things trample over
Trembling ground;
Giving rise to roaring sound.
Hiding beneath cloudless skies,
Smoke snakes along paths of lies.
Desperate for salvation
We search for causation.
Missing truth among the darkness;
Unfeeling in our catharsis.
Before the day of harmony can return,
The world must first burn.

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Stop, Drop and Roll

WordPress Daily Prompt – Willy-Nilly

The car slowed as it approached the tower of smoke billowing from the middle of the road.

“Well, look at that.” Donny craned his neck over the steering wheel to follow the smoke into the air. “Fuck.” He jerked his thumb towards the younger man in the passenger seat, “you should get out and check that out.”

“What? Why me?” Jesse pushed back into the old cloth seat as if it could hold him in the car. “Just go around it, we don’t need trouble.”

Donny shook his head slowly, “Nah, there could be supplies.”

“No offense but that shit looks like it’s on fire. If there were supplies they’re gone.” Donny was unswayed.

“It’s just a product of the world man, all this shit goin’ willy-nilly. You’ll be fine, I’ll be right here in the car.”

“I’m not gettin’ out of the car.” Jesse pulled his seatbelt tighter across his hips. “Just go around it.”

Donny took in the scene slowly. “Ok, fine.” With more force than necessary he slammed the car into park and threw the door open before letting it slam behind him with a “bitch.”

“Whatever! Bitch, I’m the one still in the car. I’m not gonna get robbed today.” Jesse watched Donny disappear around the wreckage and into the smoke as he hunkered lower into the old seat.

“Oh shit! Jesse!” Donny reappeared through the smoke with fire trailing from the end of his tattered shirt. “Jesse! Oh fuck!”

“Stop, drop and roll motherfucker!” Jesse wrestled with the clasp on the seatbelt. “Ah, shit! It’s stuck! Donny, stop, drop and roll!”

In the street Donny dropped to his knees and flopped around like a dying fish.

“Roll dumbass! Roll!” Jesse slammed his fist into the seatbelt clasp and felt it whip across his hips as it finally released. “Hold on buddy!”

“Help me!” Donny yelped.

“Ok! Ok! Hold on!”

“I’m burnin’ fucker! I can’t hold on!” Jesse grabbed hands full of sand from the side of the road and began smothering the flames as Donny writhed in the street.

“Roll around dumbass!”


“Fuckin’ roll!” Jesse grabbed Donny’s arm and forced him over and over. “Fuckin’ roll you idiot!”

“Listen fucker! Quit callin’ me stupid!”

“You are stupid! You didn’t know to stop, drop and roll? They teach that shit in preschool!”

Donny pushed his fingers through the freshly burned holes in the bottom of his shirt. “There ain’t no guarantee that shit’s gonna work, this world’s all willy-nilly now.”

“Stop, drop and roll always works. Dumbass.”

Set My Soul on Fire

WordPress Daily Prompt – Lust

Sometimes I find myself imprisoned in my mind.

Nothing frees me faster than a musical release.

I crave it, lust after it.

Every moment builds to it.

When I can finally plug in my headphones,

Or flip on the radio in my car.

Sometimes it’s the soaring guitars of Hendrix,

Or the rough melodies of Morrison.

Sometimes there’s no words at all,

Only melodies and harmonies,

Instruments layered, one on the other.

I let it take me over,

Invoking waves of emotion,

Sparking bouts of inspiration.

To the music I can find strength,

I can find that release,

To satisfy that lust

And set my soul on fire.

The World is on Fire

WordPress Daily Prompt – Imaginary

It lives in my head,
The thing with no eyes.
Teeth sharpened on fear
Gnash at the gates.
Tongues split like snakes
Reaching for a taste.

The world is on fire
And she walks with it.

It lives in my mind,
Moving quietly through,
On claws made of soul.
Heaving breaths
And empty roars
Exhale ash and ember.

The world is on fire
And she moves through it.

It lives in my paper,
Scrolling with the pen,
Curving through the words.
Twisting and breaking,
Echoing laughter,
Slinging from page to page.

The world is on fire
And she scribbles with it.