Smoke Screens and Jokes

I’m choking on every real life daydream;
Every fairytale, happily ever after ending.
Smoke from a fire obscuring reality,
Lit from the day we were born into this commonality.
No wonder we drug rust laden nails at each others throats,
What more was there to believe in
When the magic we were fed was all smoke screens and jokes.


Having been recently informed the daily prompts are coming to an end I felt the need to at least try and write something …


Tiptoe The Line


I tiptoe the line
Between the ever converging
Gold and brown of your eye.
I balance so fine
On the hair pin moments
Of raised voices and tender kisses.
One day I’ll swan dive
Into the crushing distinctions,
Bringing reality rushing over daydreams.
For now …
I dance the edge of a dime,
Spinning through scenes
Painted like oil slicks on my mind.


WordPress Daily Prompt – Recreate

I haven’t dug into my “classic writings” file in a while. Here’s one that kind of fits the prompt for the day. I don’t remember when I wrote this, for an idea of how old it is, I remember that it started as a myspace journal thing *woah*

Sometimes I get goosebumps and something sets me on edge. Something throws me into a daydream, a vivid moving picture that flashes through my mind time and time again. A thought, a vision, almost as if it were from a life already lived and I find myself scribbling page after page trying to capture this one vision, this one moment where I’m pushed into another time. Other times the image comes and goes, a flash of lightening that leaves only a frightened impression. What could have been. A shadow on the wall when you know you’re alone, then it’s gone, but it’s enough.

I’m trapped in a daydream now. Entangled. Involved. Yet it’s slipping away because I can not put it into words. The vision stays there, perfectly preserved, dead and frozen, yet I can’t describe what I see. I can’t say what I feel.

Everything is a diary into your mind, and this an entry better left untouched.