Static Scream

WordPress Daily Prompt – Static

It’s something like a freak show circus I’ve found myself in. Abandoned yet moving. The carousel spins, fragmented lullabies cracking like whips over wind.

What is this place again?

Tents in disarray line dirt paths stomped clear.

Come one! Come all! Come in here!

Something compels me, moves me, towards the red door though I’m gripped with fear. I know what I’ll find here.

A fun house of eerie sorts. A man in a chair hanging from the ceiling as he reads his paper. Fido hangs barely alive beside the growing static noise.

Here the world is flipped. My heart is ripped.

Mommy dearest carries her butcher knife.

She cackles over the static scream.

“The children are in the pie. They eat good tonight.”

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Messed Up Broken Down Carousel

WordPress Daily Prompt – Carousel

Round and round we go, like some messed up broken down carousel.

I don’t know what you’re in my face about this time

But I know you’ve never pinned me into the corner like this,

And your eyes have never bulged so far and been so red

As your spittle lands on my cheeks.

“I just don’t understand why no one understands!”

I’m not sure what we don’t understand,

But you’re gripping my arm to keep me from running.

I really just want to escape to my bedroom, shut and lock the door

But I honestly think this will be the time you break it down.

Then suddenly

You’re gone

And it’s over.

Later you’ll give me some lame “I’m sorry but …” and tell me how it was all my fault

And round and round we’ll go,

Like some messed up broken down carousel.