Mosaic 7-15/365

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted pictures … I have obviously not done well with keeping up on “a picture a day”.

Today I was thinking about mosaics. How intricate they are. Hundreds of tiles layered together into designs. Sometimes very intricate, sometimes simple, sometimes the beauty lies in the simplicity.

A couple years ago I went to Greece and ended up on Delos, an island about a 20 minute ferry ride from Mykonos.

They’re restoring a lot of what’s outdoors on the island but they have a lot of original artifacts in the museum there.

The ancient Greeks loved their mosaics.


Looking at these, I’m not sure all of these were mosaics. Some of them may actually just be paintings. The smaller ones had other displays in front of them making it hard for me to get close to get any kind of creative/close up shot.

I go out of town this weekend so you guys will finally maybe get some new travel pictures and not stuff from when I went gallivanting around Europe a couple years ago.


5&6/365 – Slacka

Not only did I skip yesterday, day 5 for those keeping up, but today you don’t even get a recent image! But I’ll share 2 to make up for being a slacka only a few days in.

I have a major case of wanderlust and I haven’t gotten to satisfy it nearly enough lately. What about you guys?

These are busts in the museum on Delos, a Greek island and world heritage site. Taken with my Canon T2i and … probably just the standard lens.


And this is a gondola in the canal in Venice, Italy. Also taken with my Canon.



When I was in high school I lived for the Sunday comics. I would grab them and get to cutting much to my mom’s disdain. “But your father hasn’t read the paper yet!” The sports were on the other side and he didn’t watch or care about sports but my chopping the comics out before he had a chance to claim the whole paper as his pissed him off.

I hung them up on an old chest in my room.

He’d occasionally rip them down.

It was a fun dance.

When I moved out years ago the old chest I had most of them hung on was promptly hauled into the attic. Over the years most of the comics have worn away but this one I saved.


I love writing but I also love other creative endeavors. Sometimes my mind gets burned out on words and I turn to other things to fulfill me creatively. I’ve been snapping photos since I was in middle school. As a way to shake things up and challenge myself this year I thought it would be neat to see if I could get one picture a day that I posted here. If it comes with writing great, if not, great.

What better place to start than selfie heaven. This is probably the only picture of me you will ever see on here other than my profile picture (which doesn’t really count because it’s just my eye).

This is your fearless author. I’ve been up since 430, at work since 7, it’s now after 6 and I’ve only been home for less than 20 minutes.

The holiday’s have exhausted me. Life lately has exhausted me.

Sometimes I feel like I could sleep for days on end but I can never slow down enough to do that.


What’s that?

My school holiday is over today so I will be reviewing school work for the evening.

The new year has set me on a good creative start but I’m not sure I want any of it to be seen by public eyes, at least not yet.

I have bags under my eyes. They’re perpetual. I don’t think they’ll ever go away.

I’ve had acne because dairy is apparently in fucking everything.

I’m not wearing make up because fuck that, that’s why (although I do have make up and I do wear it).

In the time it’s taken me to write this I’ve gotten up and sat back down at least 10 times.

I’m not going to try and look pretty.

I’m not going to duck face.

Or myspace angle.

I’m going to look just as stressed as I feel.

This is your fearless author.

Day 1 of 365 done.

Here’s To The End

WordPress Daily Prompt – Finally

Today ends what I’ve perceived as my roughly 2 day pity party.

Life is hard sometimes, everyone has shit they go through, things they have to battle. If you’re truly lucky you don’t have to walk those paths alone, you get to walk them with people you care about, who care about you, and will stick there with you through it.

Can we really judge people for jumping ship though? Sometimes what other’s are going through is just too much. Or maybe it’s far too heavy to bear in addition to the load you already carry.

We want to believe that people should be there for us no matter what. We want to believe that they should wait for us.

Truthfully that’s too high of an expectation. Not everyone understands and not everyone has the want to understand.

That’s ok.

At the end of the day we can’t control other’s, only ourselves and our reactions.

I can’t will someone to accept the long period it took me to come out of the dark. I couldn’t push someone to put their life on hold so I could push them away while I drowned.

I can’t fault someone who chooses to see that situation for what it is and steps back.

Life is funny.

It gives you what you wish for in the most surprising ways and at the most awkward times but it ensures that you learn and grow.

At the end of the day our memories are all we have and our perception will always be our reality. We can’t change that for other people, only ourselves, and we have to make peace with the decisions we made in the heat of the moment. Maybe you regret them but you can’t change them, you can only learn from those moments and change going forward.

And that’s ok too.

So here’s to the end of the year and the beginning of another.

Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Jeanny! This is a pretty cool award to help you discover new blogs and make connections in the blogging community. Thanks for the nomination!

Update: Almost as soon as I posted this Beckie (one of my nominees below) also posted one and nominated me. I’m going to also add her questions down below Jeanny’s.

As with awards there are rules:

  • Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award
  • Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 11 blogs and notify them of their nomination
  • Give these blogs 11 questions to answer

We know how I feel about rules … but I’ll give these an honest go.

Here are the 11 questions Jeanny gave (I really like these questions!)

  1. How are you coping with life right now? I’m doing alright, Christmas is coming up and that’s a busy season for me at work. I’ve just been trying to keep my head on straight.
  2. How’s your blogging so far? I definitely can not complain here. I get to write and people actually read it (!!!!). I also get to write with some pretty amazing people over at The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch (shameless plug).
  3. How much do you love traveling? I love traveling. I can’t imagine living my life and not seeing everything I could possibly see in this world.
  4. How many countries have you been? Not as many as I want yet, only 5.
  5. Are you a foodie? 100% yes.
  6. What are you favorite food? I don’t really have one although I’ll never turn down pizza … or curry … or red beans
  7. What’s your most adventurous experience? I don’t really know … I got “lost” in Venice. Well, as lost as you can get in Venice which isn’t very. I’m a big fan of landing in places and just wandering around. I took a cab in Croatia which isn’t really adventurous but my cab mate was certain we were going to get sold hostel style … We didn’t but that made it interesting.
  8. Do you like themed park rides? No. Well, let me clarify, I’m scared of heights so rollercoasters and things like that are out.
  9. Would you sleep in a hostel with strangers? I would if it were just me or me and a group of friends, probably not if it were me and my daughter.
  10. Would you travel with someone you just met? Depends? Someone I met on the street? No.
  11. What’s the most inspiring book you have read? I don’t know if it’s the most inspiring but one I haven’t been able to get out of my head lately is called The Solitude of Prime Numbers. I read it a couple of years ago but it’s a favorite of mine.

Beckie’s Questions:

  1.  When did you begin your blog? I started it about 2 years ago but posted very randomly up until May/June this year. 
  2.  What and/or Who inspired you to become a writer? I don’t really have an answer for this. Writing is just something I’ve always done, I don’t remember anyone or anything specific that pushed me towards it at any point. 
  3.  What country are you writing from? The US
  4.  What is your favorite thing to write and why? It varies with how I feel. Sometimes I like to try poetry (a lot lately), I feel like I’m best at small pieces of fiction/flash fiction.
  5.  Do you ever suffer from writer’s block, and if so, how do you overcome it? Yes, sometimes I write stuff until something comes back, sometimes I just let it run it’s course. 
  6.  Do you find my questions to be annoying?  Be honest now… No!
  7.  Have you ever had doubts after you spent a great deal of time on a post, then regret hitting publish? Yes! But once I publish something I usually leave it published.
  8.  Have you ever had an encounter with an unruly commenter?  And, if so, how did you handle them? I can’t say that I have, everyone I’ve encountered over wordpress has been super nice. 
  9.  If a new blogger asked you for advice on their blog, what would be the first suggestion you would give them? Just write what you want, there’s an audience out there for everything. 
  10.  Have you ever won an award here on WordPress? Yes. 

I’m going to skip 11 facts – see above.

11 nominations:

  1. Grabbety – I 99.9% certain he’s done this one before but I enjoy his blog so he’s nominated again.
  2. Beckie – Has probably also done this before.
  3. Short-Prose-Fiction – Lovely
  4. Pradita
  5. culturevultureexpress
  6. Tea & Paper
  7. Fortunately Human
  8. A Voice from Iran
  9. Microread
  10. Jay Pines
  11. Writer in Retrospect

And 11 questions … I’m going to reuse Jeanny’s. They were pretty good ones.

  1. How are you coping with life right now?
  2. How’s your blogging so far?
  3. How much do you love traveling?
  4. How many countries have you been?
  5. Are you a foodie?
  6. What are you favorite food?
  7. What’s your most adventurous experience?
  8. Do you like themed park rides?
  9. Would you sleep in a hostel with strangers?
  10. Would you travel with someone you just met?
  11. What’s the most inspiring book you have read?


I Did A Social Thing

It didn’t involve blood, guts, awkward comments or murder (well, it might involve awkward comments).

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I’ll go ahead and admit I’m not the best at social media. I get stuck with “who really has that much to say?” but I’m making an attempt here.

If you’re so inclined please follow authoranon!

Check out the posts over at The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch, we’re cool cats.