Six Words for Love

Looking back,
It’s always been you.

It seems only appropriate that I post something for the last daily prompt

Retrospective (interesting note, the actual link says “afterthought” not retrospective)





23 thoughts on “Six Words for Love

      1. Don’t you hate that. I often find i get stuck deciding on a phrase or two, the impetuses of the whole piece, and I’m determined to keep them, only to eventually realize they don’t fit with what i ended up writing


      2. Maybe it’s because I’m the type of person who will sit at my desk daydreaming but I don’t necessarily mind if it takes hours. Then again I’ll also get up and walk away from something if it’s taking really long then come back later with a fresh perspective.


      1. Reggie German

        It’s my pleasure! And I read your above comment. Isn’t it great when the words take their own route?


      2. It is! I’ve found it’s kind of a simple pleasure, I guess, in being able to let them go where they need to and end where they want to. Giving up control there is kind of freeing.


      3. Reggie German

        I feel a similar way! I still consider myself new to writing, and the more I let the words have freedom, the more I start to see what my writing style may be. And usually it’s most enjoyable.


      4. Reggie German

        I know I do! And I wonder the same about my writing. I believe writing is best when it’s honest–and talent helps too! Lol


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