WordPress Daily Prompt – Knackered

“Well son, you done knackered your options.” Sheam, a giant man with one glowing eye crashed onto the bench with a loud clang. Instinctively he reached towards a massive knee and rubbed it gently. “I need some oil son, pass it over.”

“Knackered? What the hell does that even mean?” As Yanas passed the spray can into Sheam’s hand he noticed how it instantly went from a normal size item to something that more resembled a fun size toy. Sheam’s metal fingers gripped the can gently so as not to dent it.

“Wouldn’t want them puttin’ more oil on my books than I a’ready have.” He mumbled.

Yanas was still warming to the idea of Sheam as a cellmate. He didn’t know anyone that willingly wanted the extra large cyborg in their quarters. There were whispers of his ‘episodes’. That half breed robot could kill a man with a wrong swipe when he was human so what’d they do? Rearranged his brain! Now he’ll kill a man just for lookin’ wrong.

Sheam smeared the oil over his joints and tossed the now empty can towards the cell door. “It means …” He pushed his one flesh hand through greying hair. “It means tired out. Ya know, knackered, exhausted.” The half man laughed loudly. “Ya know, I never thought I’d say I was knackered. Not after they did this to me. But ya know …” Sheam’s one good eye focused intently on Yanas. “I’m fuckin knackered.”

I totally had to look up what knackered meant. 


Little Child Named Gray

WordPress Daily Prompt – Gray

A little child named Gray,
She’s so blue.

A little child named Gray,
She’ll devour you.

Tell her stories,
Of princesses past.

Let her dance,
Tell her it will last.

She’s so blue,
When she can’t breathe.

The little child Gray,
Will never leave.


Living Life in Harmony

WordPress Daily Prompt – Harmony

Another actual blog! Looky there.

In honor of today’s prompt and record store day 2017 I’m throwing out some beautiful harmonies and melodies that get me through.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I was raised on the likes of Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix and I’ve delved into many realms since.

I’ve listened to everything from full orchestras to pure industrial like Skinny Puppy.

Music has had a profound and deep effect on me throughout my life. Whether it’s been through early memories or making me feel something when I thought I would be broken forever …

The right piece at the right time can truly save a person if you allow it to.

Without further ado, here’s some music I love:

Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here and Pink Floyd: Meddle – Although I grew up listening to Pink Floyd these albums were my first intentional experience with them as a pre-teen/teen

Jimi Hendrix: Blues – This is a compilation album of blues songs that Jimi sang/covered. Some are live versions, some are studio versions. Some were unreleased. They’re all pretty fantastic.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Axis Bold as Love – Essentials.

Joy Division: Unknown Pleasures – I love Joy Division.

Skinny Puppy: Too Dark Park  and Skinny Puppy: VivisectVi – Because Skinny Puppy.

Speaking of Skinny Puppy and industrial music

Nine Inch Nails: The Fragile – My first NIN album

Muddy Waters – All of it.

Speaking of Muddy Waters and Rollin Stones and Catfish Blues ….

Robert Petway – Thought to be the earliest recording of Catfish Blues, though possibly not the first person to sing it (there’s a whole history there, look it up, very interesting).

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – These guys are an incredible part of my life, I have to credit them for reminding me that I wasn’t broken forever. I would recommend any of their albums *even Effects of 333*

Break of Reality – I originally started listening to them because I heard some of their covers but their original music does not disappoint either.

The Dead South – A bluegrassy type band that hasn’t disappointed in the time I’ve been listening to them.

I’m going to wrap it up here because I could literally go all day.

In Every Life

WordPress Daily Prompt – Prudent

“It’s all fake.” He whispers in my ear. “All of this, the memories, the feelings … none of it’s real.”

His scent pulls me closer, aftershave and tobacco, as he runs his fingers through my hair.

“Just come with me and I’ll show you. I’ll take you back to where it all began. A second chance, isn’t that what you wanted?”

His hazel eyes scan mine, the dark waves of his hair brush my cheeks.

“Think about the future you could have. We. Think about the future we could’ve had.” He rests his forehead against mine, his eyelashes are gentle against my skin.

“I loved you then. I love you now. And in every life I’ll love you again.” His voice, thick with desire, fills my mind.

“Just think about it. Think about you and me.” His laugh echoes through the darkness. “Think about the kids. Oh, they’ll be great.”

The grip around my waist loosens as the darkness shrouds him.

The scream catches in my throat. I know I can’t stop what we’ve already done.

“In every life, remember that. I’ll love you again.”