Capsizing Breath

Your absence sucks the warmth from these sheets,

Curling between my thigh’s, roping around my fingers

Still trembling and gasping

From gentle tugs and rasping bites

Along edges of bone and light

I am frozen on capsizing breath

Of the last words we said

While these sheets of your sighs,

Of our eyes

Forever taking one another in,

Hold me hostage, wrapping around my legs, binding my wrists,

Against the warmth you float away with.




Is the space
Between your soul
And mine.
It’s the embrace,
Or the shades of our eyes
As a world falls away.
Was never a place
But the moments


I Dream of You …

I dream of you when I’m alone at night
When the air is cold and the moon does not light
Shadows flash framed against window panes
Remind me of gentle scratching rains
Under which you tried to dig my grave
You were weak and I was far from brave
In those woods where our trembling eyes met
You begged me not to make you do this yet
In my dreams the trees scream for me
Mounds of dirt rise up, making you see
Those are only dreams when I’m alone at night
When the moon is old and the air falls light
Into spaces between my time exposed bones
Where you left me, forever naked and alone

C’Mon Baby, Put Your Records On

It’s record store day so I’m going to talk about my other love, music! Yay!

But instead of talk about it ….

Here’s some music …

Enjoy (or don’t, either way I still love you guys).

Note: This is all over, I’ve just been pasting links as I’ve been working on school stuff over the past few days. Proceed with caution, I did not arrange this for your ears to have gradual transitions

Another note, I originally did this with Spotify but then realized it would only play a few seconds of each song if you didn’t open the Spotify app so that’s why it’s all videos, sorry if it loads slowly

Note for Jimi down here, there’s a song out there called Cherokee Mist, it’s included in the recordings on Both Sides of the Sky which was released recently. I really wanted to include that song but can’t find it so we’re going to settle with Voodoo Chile/Child (I kept the Spotify link for Cherokee Mist if you have the app or want to hear like 25 seconds of it).


Hallowed Halls

I’m afraid the memory you left behind,
Trembling shadows racing down this hall,
Is fading away in the blistering light.
Scattering like stagnating dust on this wall
As every breath you ever dared me to breathe,
While I curled the emotions of a scared little girl into a fragile ball,
Beats against the very foundations of the house never really built.
And now whats left of those hallowed halls?
But a childhood picture-less and tear stained
With the bruises of spilled milk and stairs that never exist when we fall.

Friday Fictioneers – Slip

Edna twisted the chains with her aged knotted hands. It was strange, she thought, how people attached memories to such seemingly insignificant things.

“When I was younger …”

Suddenly, she was falling away; slipping through time and space. Shanghai-La, she thought, always attached to these chains.

She scrunched her eyes closed and let the tide take her. It was like falling through water; warm, peaceful, silent.

Then it wasn’t.

Edna’s eyes burst open. There were storm clouds on the horizon beyond her father’s new truck. She turned the chains in her now youthful fingers, “So funny the memories we cling to.”

PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

Many thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who wrangles in Friday Fictioneers every week.